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Eyebrows are perhaps one of the most important facial features. Over the years, people have used eyebrow enhancements, such as brow gels, pencils, and even tattooing, with limited success. Now, there’s a new option that delivers results that are natural-looking, as well as semi-permanent; Microblading. If you look, there are not many Microblading Naples salons out there. Call Salon Shangri-la today at (239) 949-9030 to schedule your consultation.

What is Microblading?

Microblading involves using a special handheld tool (Microblading pen) to etch ink into the skin, creating a natural-looking eyebrow.

Other terms used for microblading:

  • Semi-Permanent Makeup
  • 3D Embroidery
  • Hair Simulation Effect
  • Hair-Stroke Eyebrows

The pen allows ‘drawing’ individual hair strokes, mimicking natural hair to create a 3D (or feathering) effect.

What Conditions Are Treated or Improved With Microblading?

  • Loss of hair and lack of shape or definition.
  • Thickening thin eyebrows.
  • Correcting asymmetry.
  • Hair loss due to Chemotherapy or Alopecia.
  • Thin brows, due to years of plucking/tweezing.
  • Covering scars or gaps in the eyebrow.
  • Trouble applying makeup due to a physical disability or impaired motor skills.

Microblading Before & Afters Done At Salon Shangri-la In Florida

Microblading Naples FLmicroblading naples

What Does The Procedure Involve?

First, we select the appropriate ink (or pigment) color. The shade is matched to the hair and skin color profile as closely as it can be in order to ensure a natural look. We then clean the skin and apply a numbing cream to lessen discomfort. Most clients experience no pain while others find the procedure slightly uncomfortable.

We then draw on the specific shape of each eyebrow. Since everyone’s eyebrow shape is unique to them, this is the longest and most important part. There is a row of several fine needles on the Microblading tool to create thin lines in the skin to simulate hair. The ink is bladed just below the epidermis and the shallowest part of the dermis. This is in order to make extremely fine, natural looking hair strokes.

The Microblading tool is not powered or attached to any motor. The blading process is a manual procedure. This is done by dipping the tool into ink. Then, the blade is used to deposit the ink into the skin via small cuts. The hairs are bladed into the skin based on the natural hair growth direction. This achieves the very natural result.

What Is The Down Time? What Will I Look Like After Treatment?

There is no downtime with microblading. But, there may be a bit of itching and redness during the first week. At first, the eyebrows will appear sharp and dark. But, within 2 weeks they’ll fade to the perfect color for a natural look.

The full healing process can take between 25 and 30 days. While healing, we highly advise that aftercare ointments are applied daily. After this time, you can rub your eyebrows and enjoy your usual Florida weather hobbies…like swimming!

How Many Treatments Do I Need? How Often Are Microblading Procedures Repeated?

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution. Results can last up to 3 years. Periodic touch-ups may be needed.

For more information about Microblading Naples FL you can call 239-949-9030. Schedule your consultation at our Naples salon today.

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